A Pandemic That Shattered Traditional Corporate Training Boxes

The COVID-19 pandemic with its associated lockdown and physical distancing measures caused not only unparalleled disruption in the provision of education and training but also catalysed innovation in distance learning. 2020 was the year traditional corporate training boxes got shattered. Organizations couldn’t gather employees in a conference room for a typical instructor-led training, because they […]

Why We Don’t Network Well

In my executive coaching practice where I work with transitioning leaders, networking is often the differentiator between those who succeed and those who get stuck. Given that each leadership transition is characterized by increasing levels of complexity and higher performance expectations, creating a network of rich personal contacts provides support, feedback, insight and resources which […]

The Leader as Coach

As a manager, you knew what needed to be done, you taught others how to do it, and you evaluated their performance. Command and control was the name of the game, and your goal was to direct and develop employees who understood how the business worked and were able to reproduce its previous successes. Not […]