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Our professional team has been providing quality training in soft and technical skills to multiple organisations for well over 15 years.

Our team ranges from business practitioners, academics to technicians with deep corporate, research-based theory and technical experience gained across a range of institutions and industry sectors globally. As such, we understand the challenges faced by our clients in the everyday world of work and can support them with practical, real-world solutions.

We are eager to understand your business and help your organisation grow by building strong relationships and developing your staff both on a professional and personal level.

Both our online and on-site classroom environment at CloudTrain Academy allows our specialist trainers to give trainees the time, attention and support they need in order to succeed.

Not only do employees enjoy our training but they apply it and this makes an impact on their organisations business results.

We are the
in online training

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From the CEO’s Desk

“At the helm of startup CloudTrain Academy with its wealth of human capital from across the globe; I drive and ensure a benchmark in organisational training.

Our culture is one of integrity, understanding and professionalism ensuring that our clients have an excellent overall experience and are receiving the highest quality service.”

Johan Maritz
CEO and Social Entrepreneur – CloudTrain Academy

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class leader in individual and organisational online training and to be a platform for significant social change through skills development and integration of disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a fully integrated cloud based online training academy that will be at the cutting edge of synchronous and asynchronous training; continuously developing innovative new ideas and trends that the whole world will be drawn towards. We want all of our online products to be easily accessible at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Our Values

Our values are deeply embedded in the way in which we provide training, giving your organisation the competitive advantage you need. We believe in going the extra mile
by deeply engaging with your employees and providing the necessary support. This ensures sustainable transformation of your employees on both a personal and professional level.

Our Services

Synchronous Online Training
We provide real time, live interactive online classes which give students access to a good quality enjoyable learning experience from one of our specialist trainers.

Asynchronous Online Training
We also provide asynchronous courses where students have access to the material at any time and can progress at their own pace.

On-Site Training
Here we provide our clients with the option to choose on-site training either at their own premises or at one of our arranged venues.

We have a range of different psychometrics that come with a range of different reports.

BEE Skill Spend
To South African companies our company offers corporates comprehensive, tailor-made spend solutions focusing on the Skills Development portion of the BEE Scorecard. We guide companies in the implementation of Skills Development projects to maximise their return on their investments.