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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin

Many organisations support this idea today and consider corporate training an essential part of a company’s investment and growth strategy. However, upskilling their workforce is one of the biggest challenges they face.

CloudTrain Academy

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Can help your Organisation determine the skills and training needed and implement a pragmatic training and skill strategy to transform your workforce and achieve the best business outcomes.

Provide your Organisation with all the necessary online and onsite soft and hard skills training needed.

Monitor and Report on metrics like learning effectiveness, training impact, ROI and Business Results to inform or support budget and spend decisions.

Why we are
the Best

Our professional team has been providing quality training in soft and technical skills to multiple organisations for well over 15 years. 

Our team ranges from business practitioners, academics to technicians with deep corporate, research-based theory and technical experience gained across a range of institutions and industry sectors globally. As such, we understand the challenges your organisation face in the everyday world of work and we can support you with practical, real-world solutions. 

Social Heart

CloudTrain Academy also has a strong community focus and we uplift people through our marketplace ministry LightUp; where we provide growth and support to people in the business world.

We also identify social needs, establish infrastructure and facilitate upliftment to some of the poorest communities around the globe.

To become involved click on the LightUp logo below:

We Will Assist You
Every step of the Way

We developed a fully integrated cloud based online training academy that is at the cutting edge of synchronous and asynchronous training; continuously developing innovative new ideas and trends that the whole world will always be drawn towards. Our online products are easily accessible at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

What people say about us


“My experience with Cloudtrain Academy has been Excellent. Their trainers are professional and prompt, guaranteeing that I got the best service possible. Discovering Cloudtrain Academy came at the perfect time for my company as we are ready to scale up but I was struggling to know how to prepare my team to get there. I’m looking forward to work more with Cloudtrain Academy and benefitting trom the expertise they offer in the Industry.”

Shayna Slingerland
Sales and Marketing Manager


“Excellent content and assignments that build on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. I recently secured new employment and couldn’t have done so without the professional CloudTrain Academy courses. Thank You!.”

Nerésa Bowen
Marketing Strategist

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